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Yohann Jousselin MS, Regional Wine Director, Shangri-La Hong Kong

Yohann Jousselin MS


Regional Wine Director

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Hong Kong

I was privileged to be one of Etienne’s clients during his time at Watson’s.

His management skills, advice and supports over the years have helped our program gaining strength throughout many collaborations on wine events, sourcing and market suggestions. Etienne has been of a great help and therefore I would highly recommend his professional guidance to any company

Sébastien Allano, Group Wine Director, Gourmet Dining Hong Kong

Sébastien Allano


Group Wine Director

Gourmet Dining Group, Hong Kong

During those 7 years of collaboration, Etienne has been such a great asset, very comprehensive on each client's needs for a perfect and efficient collaboration. Etienne understands very well the market by suggesting appropriate wines from the most simple all-day dining to the most premium for 3-Michelin stars restaurants, with always a common denominator of providing quality in terms of products and service.”

Christian Lhert, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asia

Christian Lhert


Executive Director

Goldman Sachs Asia

Etienne is an extremely talented individual. He translated his passion into an incomparable skill set combining cultural & historical knowledge, technical expertise as well as a true global network of producers, distributors, clients and industry thought leaders. Over the years, Etienne has become a reference in the region, he thrived working in an international, multi-cultural environment for many years. A rare talent to work with.”

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